What does the tattoo on lil wayne’s forehead mean?

by Wayne on Oct.14, 2008, under Tattoos

lil wayne

so_cal43 asked:
Lil Wayne has a tattoo on the middle of his forehead. Can anyone tell me what that sign means?

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  1. hii

    C stands for ‘Cita’, his mom.

  2. Jack K

    it means he’s an idiot … why would you brand yourself like that?

  3. ((?))TiiPSy((?))

    lol @ Jack K

  4. icee

    mane what are u talking about he “branded” his self because he wanted to

  5. i_snort_chalk

    lil waynes tattoos. . . .
    “fear god” on eyelids, 3 teardrops for every crip hes killed or close friend thats died (ive heard both), he has “i am music” above his right eyebrow and a C inbetween his eyebrows that stands for carter, his last name. The only one i dont know about is the cross looking one right above the C. that might be the one your asking about

  6. First Class Fashionista

    The C tatto is for his mom, Cita and he also has “Fear God” tattooed on his eyelids and I think that they mean tha he only fears his mom and God; which is true of most black men. / Lil Wayne’s “Fear God” Eye Lid Tattoo Photo

  7. Kirsten B

    im not quite sure but “baby” has one too
    i think its
    3tears for every friend lost and
    fear god-idk
    c-his mom
    that had to hurt!

  8. cannabisman 420

    i dont know

  9. ur.favorite.actdress

    it’s a cross, standing for he is a christian
    and it says faith on his right eye lid, on his 4 head it’s an “&” sign and on his left it says God.

  10. Rowdy is an Idiot !!!

    I agree with Jack K

  11. cmonney333

    nah i thought it says fear of god it looks like ‘of’ in between his eyes but i guess it looks kinda like a C

  12. luddy420

    It does say Fear of God

  13. Mrz. Applebottumz

    on his right eyelid, it says “fear”. on his forehead it says “of” and on his left eyelid it says “God”.

  14. forever wifey

    fear god” on eyelids, 3 teardrops for every crip hes killed or close friend thats died , C inbetween his eyebrows that stands for carter, his last name. and above the C there is a cross meaning that he believes in god he got that right when he got out of jail this year. the C doesnt stand for his mom or that he is a christian!!! any more questions about his tattoos let me no

  15. Dollface

    I heard that the teardrops stand for…that he killed 3 kids cuz their momma dissed him…the C stands 4 Carter…and that he has fear of god…all i know

  16. stacks

    its says “fear of god”, simple as that

  17. danvas

    the tatoo means`tears that will always drop when he remembers the 3 year old brother who died`

  18. Killa A

    its a fleur de lis

  19. dont worry

    the “c” in the middle was there before the fear god on his eye lids.. so its not “of” it stands for his mother name Cita. if you watched his videos he points to it when he refers to his mother “i look like Cita and act like baby”.. the fear god means just wat it says “fear god”..

  20. lilwayne

    u guys are da dumbest ppl ive ever heard …U GUYS ARE ALL RETARTED…



  21. Ms.Carter

    which 1 he got alot!!!!

  22. thablockishot

    it says fear god beacuse his moto is “fear god not them”

  23. jeff

    it says he should belong to the rock and roll fellows.

  24. Kali

    you guys need to do research before you lie.
    his facial tattoos say Fear of god!! its not a C.
    and his moms name is JACINDA not cita or whatever.

  25. ilovedeadprez

    the cross above the “C” isnt for being a christian. its a new Orleans or street thing. its suppose to mean that you have put in 5 kills. thats jus from what i kno

  26. What does the tattoo on lil wayne forehead mean Lil 39 Wayne | Wood TV Stand

    [...] What does the tattoo on lil wayne forehead mean Lil 39 Wayne Posted by root 1 hour 50 minutes ago ( Oct 14 2008 c stands for 39 cita 39 his mom his facial tattoos say fear of god its not a c drop a comment on a post or contact us so we can take care of it powered by wordpress and pixeled by samk Discuss  |  Bury |  News | What does the tattoo on lil wayne forehead mean Lil 39 Wayne [...]

  27. amanda

    Ok it used to just be a C for Carter or Cita

    but then the cross on top was put on top to look like a crusifix with the C in handwriting under it looking like the beeds on a rosery

    so its a rosery hail mary thing

  28. cyrski

    kali yous an idiot yo
    his mas name is jocita – aka cita making cita his ma but nice try buddy

  29. haley

    the c stands for two things. his last name carter and his mothers name cita.

  30. Skyler

    its fear god on his eyelids. the c stands for his mom “cita or carter” pretty sure its “cita” though. his moms name. thats a cross.

    your flow neva wet like grandma pussy. im always good like grandma cookies – lil wayne.
    haha he so fly. he my idol.

  31. chillface

    lil waynes a satanist, hasn’t anyone figured this out yet? listen closely to the lyrics in his newer songs

  32. Tremane

    The cross in the middle of waynes forehead has meaning. In the new orleans area it was said that if you killed someone that you would get a tat with a cross in between the brows. Wayne has either killed somebody or jacked that shit off the street

  33. young

    yea it means read the bible

  34. boot girl

    The cross on the forehead is a working class skinhead thing. U people are dumb. Watch this is england. You’d see where it came from.

  35. J Lethal

    lil wayne’s tattoo on his forehead says: i fear god. i looked at it real close. it is written small so u can’t really see it.

  36. tannar

    he has gotten farther in his 27 yrs of lie than you ever will

  37. tannar

    all of his tatoos have meanings if you have a problem keep it 2 urselves

  38. Themann

    The cross means he killed more then five people you dumbasses the c means carter

  39. Crystle Vilandre

    Great site! I love tattoos and have a few myself.

  40. danielleee

    alrightt; i think there for close members that dies cause everyone be saying that they for the people he killed and they aint (:* ightt — yees

  41. jon jon

    its wht he calls the “cether” which means like a secret, a lock box, something he keeps like in his mind… thts why its on his forehead

  42. Bladerunner

    The middle tattoo supposedly stands for the “Antichrist”

  43. punk_neci_rose!!!

    I think ppl hatin like cracker Jack K but it doesnt matter what other ppl do with their bodies you aint gotta worry about it so shut upp and get over it…


  44. Jessica

    It doesnt really matter what they stand for all that matters is theyre badass bc theyre on his body! Only he knows the true meaning and were left to guess… so lets just leave it at that =)

  45. Uptown

    I watched a documentary of various street gangs and one of the gangs was one in New Orleans who had a tattoo done when they killed 5 or more people. It was the exact tattoo that Lil Wayne has in the middle of his forehead as well. I doubt he killed anyone but we will never know. I personally don’t think he did that because he got the tattoo when he was already famous and he would not risk all that fame to kill 5 people. Just to shed some light on the topic.

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  50. cassi

    the c standds for his mom and his last name carter

  51. Mgoldie

    It means crucified by society.

  52. Dana Smith

    fear god” on eyelids, 3 teardrops for every crip hes killed or close friend thats died , C inbetween his eyebrows that stands for carter, his last name. and above the C there is a cross meaning that he believes in god he got that right when he got out of jail this year. the C doesnt stand for his mom or that he is a christian!!! any more questions about his tattoos let me no

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  55. Nicole

    The c stands for his last name Carter and his mothers name cita fear god means like fear him because he controls everything (so some people believe) and he acctually has 4 tear drops witch mean and family member or close friend that has died or someone he’s killed the cross above his c shows he’s christain

  56. allan

    the cross above his brows means that hes killed more than 3 or more ppl its a thing from new orleans 3 wart hood watch gangland episode gotti boys and its a new orleans street gang which says if u hard n uve killed more than 3 ppl u get dat cross n yea so wassup

  57. ken

    came across this verse on romans 3;8 that says they have no fear of God before their eyes.could this be the inspiration behind the fear God tatoo on eyelids?

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  62. Linz-withdoublezz

    #1 if you haven’t asked him then you shouldn’t guess or assume what his tattoos mean.
    I hate when people do that to me.
    And even if you think you know. You dont.
    Because you can’t put into words just like he said them. Because things get jumbled up and miss the real meaning.
    #2 that is all I have to say.

  63. Davey deez

    The cross traditionally means that person is a 504 gotti boy who has killed five or more people….thank you history channel’s gangland… I dont no if thats the case for weezy but thats what i saw on the show

  64. Angel romero

    The cross is a way to show he killed 5ppl its a new Orleans thing…. A gang related tat

  65. many Johnson

    If it does mean his kill streak its kind of sad that he dnt have it removed cause he ain’t locked up which means he got the 60day out sh!t they did or do in new orleans

  66. Jason Samuels

    Maybe he put in work in jail n no one snitched so he got away with it n now sports it in his forehead…. Way to keep ur roots Wayne sporting a 504 tat after katrina took ur city

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  71. david

    i personally believe just from looking at the c closer it is not a c at all … it looks more like a anchor with a chain going to the bottom of the cross… maybe the cross weighing heavy on his mind while he was locked up … or he anchored by his faith in the cross… could be sac religous who knows but he duz have sum explaining to du on that one.. as for the cross representing five people killed hell who knows but why the fear GOd on the eye lids if the cross doesnt have to du with GOd

  72. ulises

    he is a dumass

  73. some guy

    if i am curect post katrina new orleans had this thin called a 90 day murder wrape….. with is basicly if u were to kill someone and the popos had no witness’s or evidence… u would walk after 90 days….. so back to the tattoo of the cross …. the cross is a gang sign stateing that u’v killed 5 people and got away with all of them…. also if u were caught with this tattoo with out killin 5 people ur self would be killed…..

  74. Jack Slave

    The cross means he killed more than 5 people. I saw on Gangland that when the bloods moved because of Katrena they got that if they had 5 or more kills….

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  76. X@v 4 life

    In New Orleans in the 5th ward near where lil wayne grew up the Gotti Boyz gang got the cross between there eyes meaning they killed more then 5 people or rivals thats where i think wayne got the idea from due to soulja slim is from there and was killed there but i doubt lil wayne had killed anyone rappers images and raps are normally story and styles of the lives of people and things they saw the younger years of there lives.

  77. Ryan

    The cross on his forehead means you killed 5 people. Its a new orleans thing. I know I’m from louisiana.

  78. source

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  79. Memoi

    Its an I, and together with the eyes read : I Fear God

  80. Terrell Estes

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  82. Jack

    the symbol on little wayne’s forehead also appears in the Wizard’s Apprentice. I’m pretty sure is does not say “of”. The tattoes on his eyelids say “Fear” and “God”. (Fear God) together.

  83. Jack

    The Wizard’s Apprentice is a movie Staring Nicolas Cage and the guy who played the lead in “She’s Out of Your League.” The movie is about magic and sorcery in part, so that leads me to beleive the symbol is a reference to the occult, or mysticism, or sorcery.

  84. Jack

    It seems also to obviously be a version of the cross. There are many different types of cross symbols. Egyptian, Greek, Roman, Modern day Christian.

  85. Jack

    If you go on youtube and type in things like illuminati, free masons, secret society a lot of people have made movies of their own investigations/ beliefs about different conspiracies surrounding secret societies. Most all of the ones I’ve seen referenc symbols, especially those hand gestures used by little wayne and jay-z, and a few of them believe that they are pledging their allegience with the gestures to the illuminati, or the free masons, or some secret elite group, and moreover some say this an evil group controlled by dark forces, or the antichrist (satan)

  86. Jack

    In revelations in the bible it is stated that during the apocalypse, or tribulation time, or the end of the world, all those who do not pledge allegience to the antichrist will not be basically not be able to participate in society. They will be outcast. Some say they will be persecuted and tortured.

  87. Jack

    Those who have pleged allegience to the antichrist, revelation states, will have to take the mark of the beast. They will bear the mark on their forehead or their right hand.

  88. Jack

    Little Wayne seems to be an intellegent guy. He probably knows what is written in revelations. He may have gotten the tattoe as an act of teenage rebellion. He may appreciate the irony, that no one in their right mind would get a tatto like that knowing the information in revelation. He may enjoy the attention, realizing how controversial and polarizing it would be. Who knows but I believe he is definite controversial and has lead me to seek out what that symbol means, if in fact it means anything other than hey LOOK AT ME, CAN YOU BELIEVE I HAD THE NERVE TO SAY STUFF LIKE I AM THE BEAST AND THROW UP 666 HAND GESTURES LIKE GANG SIGNS WITH THIS CROSS-LIKE SYMBOL ON MY FOREHEAD.

  89. famous warrior

    the green cross in between the eyes is a mark that identifies a hardcore killer, after the 5th kill, the cross will me mark in between the eyes. this is a new orleans, louisiana gang from the third ward called GOTTI BOYS .”get it boys” . wayne goes by tune but likes to be called tunechi wich was given to him as a youn boy by his grand mother, knowing his success in this industry one can understand y he will tattoed i am music. wayne is a man of god you can hear his faith through out the years in his music. alltho he refures himself as the beast and god there are simularitys here….

  90. Crazy horse

    Its a cursive L for Louisiana not a cross seen the video when he got it done

  91. truth

    Lil Wayne has fear god tattooed on his eye lids because he believes in the on god u have to fear Lucifer. he has a cross tattooed on the middle of his forehead because that is the mark of the beast and the iam music stands the devil because another name for Satan is him or iam in conclusion lil Wayne is a stupid puppet and will burn in hell for all of eternity

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  96. bama

    Wayne believes blacks are the original jews …..if you go to certain places in africa you will see ancient jewish tribes with the same cross tattoo…these people are the true jews!

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